Swaleking™ Revolutionary Patented Landscape Blades
Swaleking between houses

Looking for a way to save time and money when adding swales to your landscaping job?

Introducing the SwaleKing™, a revolution in box-and-blade technology that gets the job done faster and better with less labor.

The patented SwaleKing™ is a set of independently adjustable landscape blades that make cutting swales easier.

The SwaleKing™ is pro grade. Strong flat or curved moldboard all re-enforced against the back plate and hardened cutting edges, front and rear for exact cuts every time. It works on hard and rocky ground too with an adjustable scarfier hook.


SwaleKing™ is so much more flexible
and versatile than just a blade

It’s a straight blade, a box scraper, a swale maker but its so much more. Use it for contouring driveways or pond edges, or around trees in orchards. Use one blade or the other, or in that job where its close quarters and a lot of angles are needed.

The SwaleKing™ does a better, more precise job using less labor and less time. What used to take a crew of people to do… can now be done in a fraction of the time...with one person. That means more swale jobs in a day.

The SwaleKing™ is the landscaping tractor tool you need to make more money by the getting the job done faster and better, saving time and money on labor.

SwaleKing™ Features

  • Fully assembled on one pallet
  • Precision grading and leveling
  • 0-30 degree independent blade angle
  • Rigid tubular steel frame
  • Gusset reinforced box scrapper
  • Dual reversible cutting edges
  • Category 1 & Quick Hitch
  • 3 position replaceable scarifier hook
  • Full coverage center shield
  • 1 year warranty